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Ann's high school graduation photo

I attended a Catholic grade school and high school. I received my bachelor's in education from the same college I teach at now, Mount Mary University. My master's in journalism is from Marquette University and I earned an MFA in writing from Vermont College.

Oddly enough, I hated school grade school and high school and often pretended I was sick—I even rubbed my legs with poison ivy because I’d heard that the school nurse would send you home if you had a rash. My favorite school memory isn’t of school at all. I remember long days curled up at home to read.

  Jeff and Ann at the prom

Then. High school sweethearts. My prom with Jeff. We’re one of those sappy, sweet romance stories. High school sweethearts who married and stayed that way. Remind me to tell you about the big prom arrest. Well, maybe not ...

No badges for black eyes. I earned one, maybe two, badges in my short-lived Girl Scout career. I wanted to learn to make a bonfire, ride horses, and shoot arrows at targets. Our leader insisted we sing songs about smiles in our pockets and sew sit-upons—if you don't know what they are, consider yourself blessed.

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